The Power of Different with Dr. Gail Saltz

A look inside the minds of today's high achievers as well as historic icons who not only overcame "different" but THRIVED because of it. The show will answer your calls and questions about whether something you, or someone you know, is doing something, or feeling something that you wonder, "Is This Normal?" Hosted by New York City-based psychiatrist and best-selling author Dr. Gail Saltz.
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The Power of Different with Dr. Gail Saltz


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Dec 26, 2016

On this Holiday edition of Is This Normal, we hear from Steve -- who finds himself worried about his increased alcohol intake over the holidays. He says he's drinking on a daily basis and worries, Is This Normal?

Dec 22, 2016

This week, we field a question from a listener who is NOT filled with joy this holiday season. For you see, Karen's family is visiting her for Christmas and she's wondering if the dread she's feeling is normal.

Dec 19, 2016

My guest today is Liz Pryor. She's an author, speaker, parenting columnist, and life advice expert. Her current book is "Look at You Now: My Journey from Shame to Strength." She's also a ABC Good Morning America's life advice guru chosen out of 15,000 applicants. She lives in Los Angeles with her three children.

Dec 15, 2016

On this edition of Is This Normal?, I field a call from Simone who has concerns about her friend's picky eating habits.

Dec 12, 2016

With me today is Deborah Roberts. She is a television journalist for ABC News and before that, NBC News. She's been highly successful in her journalist career and I first met her while she host of Lifetime Live for Lifetime Network. She is also a delightful person and has a recent book out about parenting, co-written by her husband Al Roker called "Been There, Done That: Family Wisdom for Modern Times"

Dec 5, 2016

With me today on the show is Adam Braun, New York Times bestselling author and founder and CEO of Mission U, a newly created college alternative for the 21st century. He's the founder of Pencils of Promise, an award-winning organization that's broken ground on more than 325 schools for children in proverty around the world. He's been featured as a speaker at the White House, the United Nations, and the Clinton Global Initiative.

His book "The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change" was a Number One national best seller. 

Dec 1, 2016

This week we field a call from a woman who is unsure whether or not she's suffering from depression or just in a rut.

Nov 28, 2016

On this week's episode, my guest Arthur Lubow and I explore Diane Arbus, her struggles with depression and how feeling an outsider informed her art. Arthur Lubow is the author of the book "Diane Arbus"

Nov 21, 2016

Toure is my guest, he is a TV host and journalist who discusses how being a minority student and a storyteller came together to inform being a writer.

Nov 17, 2016

This week Dr. Drew Pinsky joins us back in the studio to field a question from a married father of two, who wonders if it is normal for him to masturbate daily -- WITHOUT his wife knowing.

Nov 14, 2016

Dr. Drew is a nationally known television host and renowned Internist specializing in addiction but who has struggled with his own anxiety. 

Nov 10, 2016

Samantha Ettus, the author of The Pie Life: A Guilt-Free Recipe for Success and Satisfaction, joins us once more to take a question from a stressed-out mom of three.

Nov 7, 2016

Samantha Ettus is a renowned work/life balance expert, a sought after speaker, a Harvard MBA and host of a nationally syndicated call-in radio show. Sam’s fifth book is The Pie Life: A Guilt-Free Recipe for Success and Satisfaction.”

Nov 3, 2016

"The Atlantic" Editor in Chief, Scott Stossel joins us again to field a question from a mother who is concerned about her child's panic attacks around dogs. 

Oct 31, 2016

This week I welcome Scott Stossel, the Editor in Chief of "The Atlantic" to the program. Scott and I discuss his lifelong struggle with severe anxiety and how it also helped him achieve in his career successes. 

Oct 27, 2016

This week Dr. Saltz and returning guest, author and rocket scientist Robert Szczerba, field a this question from a concerned mother: "My child seems obsessed about playing with one toy, is this normal?"

Oct 24, 2016

My guest today is Dr. Robert Szczerba. He is the CEO of X Tech Ventures, a rocket scientist who is now using technology for social good, helping people with mental health issues, a career change born out of the painful diagnosis of his baby boy with autism. He is a columnist for Forbes and The Huffington Post.

Oct 20, 2016

I am joined again in the studio today with Amy Newmark, the owner and publisher of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books. For today's "Is This Normal" question, we hear from a man who's wife no longer makes him happy 

Oct 17, 2016

Amy Newmark, publisher and editor in chief of the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series discusses how her childhood with multiple serious illness led to finding success with Chicken soup for the Soul.

Oct 13, 2016

Ian Kerner, author of "She Comes First," and I answer a question from a man who is concerned over his lack of true sexual desire. 

Oct 10, 2016

Ian Kerner is a nationally renowned sex therapist and author of "She Comes First" who launched his career because he personally struggled with premature ejaculation.

Oct 6, 2016

On this week's Is This Normal, relationship expert Siggy Flicker and our own Dr. Gail Saltz fields a question from a married woman who says, while she loves her husband, she is no longer IN love with him. Tune in to find out "Is This Normal?"

Oct 3, 2016

My guest today is Siggy Flicker. She's a relationship expert, a professional matchmaker, TV personality that you've probably seen tons of places. She's the author of "Write Your Own Fairy Tale: The New Rules for Dating, Relationships, and Finding Love On Your Terms." And of course, she's one of stars of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey."

Sep 29, 2016

This week Dr. Gail Saltz fields a question from a mother who is worried about her son's inability and lack of desire to have friends. 

Sep 26, 2016

My guest today is Steve Silberman, the author of the New York Times best seller "Neurotribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Neurodiversity." The book is the winner of 2015 Samuel Johnson Prize for Nonfiction. Steve has covered science and cultural affairs for Wired and other national magazines for more than 20 years. His writing has appeared in the New Yorker, Nature, and Salon.

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